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Any Questions For Ben - Head Officer Dir: Rob Sitch

Shooting Goldman - Comedy Club Host Dir: Tony Prescott


Dune Rats - No Plans (Music Video) - School Councillor Dir: James Medlam

Orange Is The New Brown - Husband Dir: Hayden Guppy

A Place to Call Home Series 5 - Inspector Dir: Mark Joffe

Underbelly The Golden Mile - Heavy Cop #1 Dir: Tony Tilse

The Joke's On Me - Self - Dir: Doug Suiter

The Darren Sanders Show (Series1-5) - Host Dir: Phil Kemp (Dir Series 3)

Talking Comics - Co Host Darren Sanders/Garry Who

Grumpy Old Comedians - Co Host Darren Sanders/Mick Meredith/Garry Who


Telstra - The Chippy Dir: Max Barden

Ebay Hump Month - Father Dir: Alex Roberts

McDonalds - Factory Worker

Sydney Morning Herald - Jogger


Transport NSW - Voice Over Dir: Jerry L. Jackson

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