Talking Comics with Dazz and Gazz


Winner Antenna Awards 2009 Outstanding Comedy Program

TALKING COMICS with Dazz and Gazz (Comedians Darren Sanders and Garry Who), goes behind the on-stage personas of top Aussie comics to reveal a little bit more about each. Their guests included Vince Sorrenti, Alan Glover, Keith Scott, Jason ‘Rash’ Ryder, Mick Meredith plus many other Sydney based Stand-Up Comedians.

The show was a ratings hit for the Community Channel 31 and TVS in Sydney with Melbourne figures revealing a peak reach of 78,000 viewers and an average of 48,100 viewers when each episode premiered Sunday night. TALKING COMICS with Dazz and Gazz was the network’s highest rating program beating their second placed show by 10,000 viewers.

Sanders and Who have been building quite a following since their first series ‘The Dazz and Gazz Radio Show on TV’ was aired around Australia in 2006. The Stand Up portion of the show was recorded at Sydney’s own Laugh Garage Comedy Club where Sanders is Director.

Sanders says it was a satisfying feeling winning the Outstanding Comedy Program award with their first ever series under their own production company – Dargar Productions.

“It was also a bonus to win it in Melbourne as the first series revolved around Sydney-based comedians”.

Who was thrilled to ‘bust through’ the traditional comedy cultural cringe.

“The networks seem to prefer overseas acts as to promoting their own! You would think there were only four or five comedians in Australia by watching television here. Hopefully this award will give a much needed boost and recognition to the live Australian comedy scene.”

“They say that winning an award can open doors but I think that may be a myth. We tried to get into a hotel in the city after the event to celebrate our win a little further and were refused entry because we had suits on. I guess when you’re in a recession it’s important that you dress like it.”

Sanders adds: “If it won’t open doors, at least it will keep doors open. It’s quite heavy.”

About Talking Comics:
Audiences have long had a fascination into what comedians are really like off stage. This show addresses that question by talking to the faces behind the masks of the stand-up Comedian. This is an opportunity for our audience to take a look into the lives of people that do funny for a living! A chance to see what makes them tick! What they think, what they like, and a fascinating journey into their surprisingly varied pasts. Faces that you know and faces that you never new existed! But all funny and all interesting. The journey is interspersed with short grabs of their live stand-up, validating their funny side, while the interview concentrates on the person and their story.
Because of the varied background and views of the individual, each comic brings a different flavour to the show making each episode, although formatted, uniquely different! The only thing these people have in common is that they make people laugh. The shows style utilities colourful comic book textured backgrounds and fonts, employing rapid page turns to navigate between segments. A show that is interesting, thoughtful, funny, and answers a lot of questions!

Ep 1. The pilot episode features Mullumbimby comic Brendan Lovechild (Aug 7th), and takes a look at his life in the bush.


Ep 2. Jason ‘Rash’ Ryder (14th August) We take a look at surfing, modeling and singing with Rash.


Ep 3. Keith Scott (21st August) We hang out with the man with behind the voice. Chat about working with DeNiro and find his favourite impersonations.


Ep 4. Alan Glover (28th August) Alan is and actor and activist from way back. He also built a brewery. Watch to find out more.


Ep 5. Arthur Writeus (4th Sept) Arthur went from wanting to become Australia’s leading Harness Race Driver to having an interest in a life of crime.


Ep 6. Vince Sorrenti (11th Sept) Vince lifts the lid on comedy festivals as well as explaining the current state of comedy in Australia.


Ep 7. Mick Meredith (Sept 18) Musical mayhem, well mayhem in general surrounding Mick’s life.


Ep 8. Gary Bradbury (Sept 25) We talk about the army and go busking on the streets.


Ep 9. Paul Brasch (Oct 2) We go into the world of movies and take a look at toys.


Ep 10. Tony Bailey (Oct 9) Englishman Tony Bailey sheds light on Bridges, Corkscrews and eating guinea pigs.


Ep 11. Peter Meisel (Oct 16) Originally from NYC but having spent the last 32 years in Oz is ex teacher Peter.


Ep 12. Barry McLeod (Oct 23) Continuing our look at Aussie based comedians is Scotsman and dress (sorry, kilt) wearing Mcleod. There can only be one.


Ep 13. Darren Sanders and Garry Who (Oct 30) Dazz and Gazz look back at the series Talking Comics as well as interviewing Darren and Garry…

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